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Quickly find and hire qualified tech grads from
the world’s best disruptive education programs.

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Access the hidden career centers of the world’s best disruptive education programs. Find developers, IT specialists, creatives, and hybrids - the hardest roles to fill. Thousands of qualified grads are seeking new opportunities.

Introducing TAP:

The Global Talent

The Talent Access Portal is the gateway to the career centers and grads from the world’s best disruptive programs. Global search and privileged access to private job boards make it easy to connect with hard-to-find talent.

Create a Pipeline

of Global Talent

Easily build global recruiting relationships to ensure a long-term flow of incoming talent. Our platform ranks programs based on reputation, offering, and other important factors.

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Transparency for the

Future of Work

The transparency, speed, and scalability of the EOS distributed ledger ensures our ecosystem is fair and easy to verify. It also means a more powerful network that benefits employers, career centers, and students.

Empowering People,

Education, and the

World of Employment

IF WHEN THEN is built on the belief that all people, regardless of geography, economic status, or background, deserve access to education that leads directly to in-demand jobs and long-term prosperity.

“This is about the right to progress…solving the global skills gap requires empowering people through disruptive education and professional networks that truly serve tomorrow’s workforce.”

Adam Dorfman, CEO and Founder



The Team

Adam Dorfman

CEO and Co-Founder

Adam has 10+ years of working experience in the global capital markets, software and blockchain. He is an international speaker on network effects, transparency and the future of jobs.

Sumanth Molakala

CTO and Co-Founder

Sumanth has 20+ years of Software development, design and architecture experience. He has worked in both Start-ups and Fortune 100 companies designing & implementing Software Applications, Products and Platforms in various industry verticals.

Willliam Hughes

CMO and Co-Founder

Will has 12+ years of experience building global consumer brands such as Samsung and FIAT, as well as expertise in startups and finance. A professor in strategic communication at the University of Miami, he has a passion for innovation, blockchain, and non-formal education.


Emmanuel Lowe

Advisory Board Member

Emmanuel combines his strengths in business, strategy and financial management, advising business owners for more than 15 years. He is a multi-entrepreneur and a former Project Management professor at the Business School CNAM in Paris. Over these years, Emmanuel has acquired a sharp focus on delivering products with a high customer success performance.

Petar Savic

Advisory Board Member

Petar is a Serial Tech Entrepreneur turned investor with a key interest in Blockchain projects. Moreover, he is the Founder of a London based Accelerator for Balkans startups called Supreme Factory and Co-Director of Startup Grind London, a global startup community designed to educate, inspire, and connect entrepreneurs.


Advisory Board Member
Block Producer

EOS Nation goal is to promote the EOS movement around the world. It plans to do this by supporting global education events and communities, sharing knowledge and resources, and supporting leading EOS educational projects.

Alex Tregub

Advisory Board Member

As the CEO of Projector, Alexander Tregub leads one of the top Creative & Tech School in all of Central and Eastern Europe. Every year, Projector has more than 1000+ graduates, offering 65+ courses on different topics, such as: Interface design, Graphics & Media, Game Production, Coding & Development, Marketing & Management, Urban Design.

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